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Proverbs 8v35-35 “Blessed is the man who listens to me, watching DAILY at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors, for whoever finds Me, finds life, and obtains favour from the Lord.”

From Moses to David Livingstone, the prophet Amos to Billy Graham, rich and poor, businessman and soldier. Every man who ever became somebody for God, has this at the core of his priorities: Time alone with God.

If I’m ever asked what I think the strength of my walk with God is, I think I would say that it’s my time with God that really does give strength, wisdom, guidance and encouragement. It’s been during my time with God as I ponder, pray and worship that the Holy Spirit directs my ways and exhorts me in the love of God. It’s during these times God has rebuked, encouraged, revealed, and shown Himself to be the one to follow. It’s where I really see Jesus and know that He is God.

For all the meetings, I’ve been in, all the sermons I have heard, all the service I have rendered, all the hours of stirring Godly friendships I’ve experienced, nothing has been as effective in my relationship with God as the time I’ve spent alone with Him. It makes sense if you think about it. God isn’t actually interested in what we can do for Him, He is interested in us. What we do for Him comes out of who He is to us. All God wants from us is that we know Him. Knowing Him is actually enough! As the verse says when we wait and watch for God we find Him.

We’ve given it the name “Devotions” which means to devote, consecrate, to apply closely, to set apart. Devotions are a specific time to set apart for the building, strengthening and nurturing of our relationship with God. Don’t ever sell devotions short. Find a time, set your place and wait, watch and worship.

As you know “Private devotion leads to Public power”

Much Love and Blessings
Ps Mark and Nina

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