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Isaiah 26v3 “You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you”

Our thought life really is the arbiter of the quality of our lives. If our thoughts are fixed on the trouble we are facing, the overwhelmingness of the situation, an imminent disaster, a current failure, or any number of things, our peace is stolen.

In Hebrew the verse is “Natsar Shalowm Shalowm Yetser Camak Batach” Just six words…Natsar means God will set a guard, a watchman. Shalowm is used twice for the word perfect and the word peace. It means completeness, tranquillity, prosperity, and soundness. Yetser means the framework or conception. Camak means to lean upon, sustain or refresh and revive and Batach means trust, confidence, boldness and security.

It’s such a rich verse when seen in its original simplicity. Let me write the verse this way and I believe it will bring faith, hope, refreshment and guidance to your spirit.

God will set His guard and watchman, He will do the work, if your framework, your conception of Him is something you lean upon to sustain and refresh you. This will cause your life to be marked by completeness, tranquillity soundness and peace, no matter what the outward circumstances you are facing. You will face life with confidence, boldness and security.

It really comes down to your foundation, to what’s holding your life up. The framework from which you live your life. If it’s God then your thoughts will be at peace leading you to live a great life. If it’s anything else then your thoughts will be of trouble and turmoil. It’s not about trying to think thoughts of peace and tranquillity, but rather about framing your worldview that God is in control and His character good even at the darkest of times.

Your thoughts will determine the quality of your life. Trust God and that quality goes up and up.

Much Love and Blessings

Ps Mark and Nina

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