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Give Thought

Proverbs 16v20 “Whoever gives thought to the Word will discover good, and blessed is he who trusts in the Lord” (ESV)

I once had a Bible College Lecturer who said the Word of God was like hidden treasure, the more you dig the more you will find. He also said the if you think about any scripture long enough you will eventually find gold and it won’t be fool’s gold either.

Giving thought to the Word of God or meditating upon what we read in the Word is the greatest way to get something out of the Bible. When we take the time to do more than just a surface reading of the bible, it’s amazing what comes to mind.

This year I decided to read the Word far more slowly and began with the New Testament, it’s now October and I’m only up to 1 Peter. Sometimes I have only read part of a chapter and then mulled over it. I ask all sorts of questions, like “who wrote this” “who were they writing it to” “was there a reason they wrote it”. I ask questions of the people in the story, like “who were they to Jesus”, “what would they have been feeling” and many like questions. I ask questions like “why would God want me know this” “what is the point of God telling me this”. Sometimes the questions lead to more questions and I then study a word or a phrase using a fantastic bible study tool. What I have discovered by reading the Word with thought is that I have seen again and again that I can put my trust in God, which is the blessing of the above scripture.

The Word of God itself is never in question. Sometimes I see something that doesn’t fit with how I see the character of God, instead of causing consternation, it causes me to dig deeper and I love it when I find the answer, it’s so reassuring.

Let me encourage you the next time you read His Word, to do it thoughtfully.

Much Love and Blessings
Ps Mark and Nina.

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