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Never Again

Isaiah 54v9 “Just as I swore in the time of Noah that I would NEVER AGAIN let a flood cover the earth so now I swear that will NEVER AGAIN be angry and punish you”

What an incredible statement. God clearly states that He will never again be angry with us or punish us. Never again is an all-encompassing statement, there is not much wriggle room. Never again means never again. To emphasise His point God relates His never again with His promise to Noah that He would never again flood the earth. God even made the rainbow as a sign He was serious when He said never again.
Yet the thought that God will never again be angry with us is one that is very hard to receive. I’m sure some people reading this will feel that God is angry with them right now. “What about the sin I did last week” “What about that God opportunity I refused” “What about the attitude I will not let go of” There are many reasons we could assume God may be angry with us. Yet the scripture here says that God will never again be angry.

The sense that God is angry with you is not a feeling that comes from God. It comes from the devil. It’s a demonic tactic to make you withdraw from God. It leaves you with a resignation in your spirit that you’ll never be good enough so you might as well not try. Its devil designed to make you give up, to trust in your good works and make you work for God’s love. It’s the opposite of grace.

It’s a really hard concept to grasp. That God is not angry with you. This is where we see the true power of the Cross. Jesus became the object of God’s anger and punishment. He became sin that we would no longer have to be in God’s firing line.

Take a moment right now and thank God for Jesus.

Much Love and Blessings

Ps Mark and Nina.

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