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Step Out

Matthew 14 tells the story of Peter walking on water. What an amazing miracle. Imagine defying gravity and walking on water. But to do it Peter had to take that first step. In any step of faith it’s the first step that takes the real faith. Peter didn’t just presumptuously jump out of the boat. He did it at the beckoning of Jesus.

The disciples were in the boat crossing the Sea of Galilee at the command of Jesus. But they hit a terrible storm. Jesus had told them to go ahead of Him while He spent some time alone with His Father. Jesus had just experienced the highs and lows of ministry. He had heard about the death of His cousin John the Baptist (A Low) and was sad, in the process of seeking solace, a crowd comes demanding ministry so He ministers to them and we see the feeding of the 5000 (A High).
After His time alone Jesus walks to where the disciples are but on water. When the disciples see Him they freak out thinking it’s a ghost. Jesus reassures them and Peter asks Jesus to call him out onto the water. Peter takes that step. Think about it, it’s crazy to step out when the waters calm but Peter stepped out into storm waters that had frightened even hardened fishermen.

This is a year we all need to take a faith step and do something that takes crazy faith. Something like Peter that is essentially a little unsafe. I’m not telling you to do something reckless and then ask God to save you. Peter didn’t just jump out into the water, no he prayed (talked to Jesus) and then at Jesus command took his greatest step ever.
I want you this year to take a step of faith in an area, it may be in your career, your relationships, your ministry, your finances, but take a step and see God do something remarkable with you.

Much Love and Blessings
Ps Mark and Nina

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